Wednesday, September 23, 2009


In some sense, while I have a reasonably strong sense of where I am heading with my work this year, I have been knocked off the rails (so to speak) beacause of the 'encouragement' to paint this year. It is something which I have not put a lot of thought into over the summer, and as a consequence, have come up against a wall (albeit a small one ). Just to continue with the work ethos, I have glued three small canvas's (I wonder should that be canvi LOL!) together in a triangular shape, I will do three more tomorrow, and invert them on top of the first three; possibly paint on them just to loosen up the electricity in my painting arm !!!
Had tutorial with David this morning, it went well, I realise that my first writings were in some sense a little outdated; theoretical speculation, with not very much evidential reference.  Obviously by having read more books, I have become more knowledgable on the subject. David seems happy enough with direction I am heading in.

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