Sunday, September 27, 2009


 Continuing with my investigations with different ways of displaying artworks. Put a support under one section of the canvas, and hung the other end from the ceiling hope  to paint on this at a later stage.On the way to college, I 'found' a disused roadworks sign, Richard Slade cut me some mdf to fit into the space where the sign once was. I have put an base coat of orange on it . I will paint an artist at work; a reference to the change of direction in my studio practice.
I cut a couple of odd shaped pieces of wood with which to paint on. I got a couple of remarks from colleagues, as to the strangeness of them. One I have started to paint blue,(the sea of my creative instincts?) with strokes of varying angles to create a sense of tension (a reference to my own sense of tension with regards to painting?) I have a wooden  figure 'hanging on to the board with one hand, while he perilously paints, and  tries to bring some sense of unification between painting and the new world media, with which he has become accustomed to working with. 

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