Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Had a tutorial with Mark this morning. I gleaned much useful and informative tuition from him. He is very knowledgeable in many  subjects/topics, I believe he will help me greatly in my artistic education. He has given me a list of artists' to research, which he believes will be of good reference for my work. I explained a couple of my ideas to him, and he seems to be fairly open minded about them. I expect I will learn a lot from him this year.
We went to the Wickham street studios, to see actual artists in their studios, most of them are ex students of LSAD whom I know to see. It was very interesting to hear what the artists had to say about their individual practice's, it was also good to see what kind of works they were producing. While all the work appeared to be of a very high standard, the two artists who had taken their M.A. degrees, seemed to have that something extra to their work,(coincidence?) or was it the very fact that I knew this, that made the work more appealing to me ???........ Hmmmm... Interesting

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