Monday, October 5, 2009


Ordered the shaped mirrors today, the guy at the glass works caught me off guard, and asked me which way around I wanted the mirror. It actually never occurred to me of the difference between the opposite side of the mirrors. Fair play to him for thinking about it. Before I had taken down the boards, I had gone around the shape of them with a pencil, just to be sure of the position of them when putting them back up. The thought occurred to me that I actually quite liked the marks left, and went over the marks with some black marker.  I replaced the wooden man back to his original position, and 'dripped' the paint down the wall again. In some sense, it was a surreal scenario; where once the space of creativity had been, it was now devoid of these items, however, the marks, and the re positioning of the figure, has turned it in to another artwork. It raises questions in terms of the display place of an art work. For example, do the creative energies of an artwork attach itself to the space in which it once hung? if so, could this be reason enough to leave an area blank that once housed artworks? Another question which needs to asked then, is, if this is the case where there is a residual creative energy left in a gallery, or on a wall where once an artwork was, could this ultimately have an effect on any further artworks displayed in the same space? These are indeed valid questions, which I believe are worthy of further investigations.

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