Monday, October 5, 2009


The Force was strong with this one today ! My creative juices were overflowing (TG). Got my shaped mirrors from the glass man today,(I am glad I did not hit off him, just in case he broke. LOL)  they have turned out well. I stuck them up in the seminar room. I am not 100% certain if the glue will stick it to the wall, so I have used some little pieces of the metal repair tape as an extra precaution. I have used the mirror in this painting, in terms of a relational aesthetic, that is, I have taken it out of its' original context for use as an actual artwork; whatever is in the reflection of the mirror, is a part of the artwork, so in some sense, it is also an interactive piece; you view the artwork, you become a part of the artwork, so no two viewings of the artwork are ever the same. (could we argue then, that it is the same for every artwork in terms of a unique perspective; different size and shape of shadows and so forth ?) (The mirror proves my argument) I took some photos in the reflection of the mirror (nothing unique there) and then from roughly the same position in reality. The mirrored photograph came out back to front, which leads me to ask the question; if indeed my eyes are made to deceive me, then how shall I ever know what is real? (Quote from Richard, whilst in second year painting. A reference to how our eyes perceive the outside world upside down, and our brain turns it the right? way up.) I am intrigued by mirrors, and as I said in earlier posts, I will be using them in a number of different ways in my studio practice.

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