Friday, October 9, 2009


Had a tutorial with David today, he seems to be happy enough with the progression of the thesis; a bit of tweaking here and there to give  it a bit more 'bite'. Also had a tutorial with Mark today, it went well. Mark has mentioned that the different facets to my work, in some respects, lack a sense of cohesion. After reflection, I have to agree. The different work practices need to be more related than what they are. I may have to drop some practices, so as to have a stronger focus in the work as a whole. Relational aesthetics and painting: a paradox! How can I bring painting into my practice and at the same time, consider my work to reside in the realms of relation aesthetics, post production, and alter modern??? Well, after much consideration I can go down one of two routes. I can split the work between painting and the other aspect, or I can work with the mirror theme, and use the work as a reference for painting, either way, it is a win win situation; I shall prevail !

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