Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Stuck the mirror inside the road works sign that I found, and have polished them to a high  finish (I found that the little marks  could be a little distracting). I have left a gap between the two mirrors, which I had noticed causes a visual disorientation, especially when I placed a coloured board behind, which filled the gap. I have placed the mirror so that anyone walking past it cannot help but see it. I have noticed that some people take sneaky glances, but the majority of people chose to look away, a sense of uneasiness seemed apparent in others. When I was taking some photographs of the work, some people were aware of the possibility of being captured in the reflection, and moved out of view. Had an interesting conversation with some colleagues at tea time, if indeed a mirror reverses images, then we argued, that it is impossible to get a true representation of what we actually look like.

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