Thursday, October 15, 2009


Spent the day researching mirrors. It seems like I have to send to America for the mirror I want. It is not too dear. The amount of artists doing work in this particular field, are limited, but the kind of  distortion that I am aiming for, is not too unlike the work of Francis Bacon. Other artists that I am looking into include: Wilhelm Sasnal, Gerhard Richter, Marlene Dumas. While this kind of work is based mainly in the realm of painting, it is derived from the sphere of relational aesthetics (I realise this is in itself a paradox, nevertheless, it is a fact !) (Due to the socio-psychological interactivity with the mirrors, from which I will gain research for the paintings) Yeaaah!!!
Got two books from the inter-library loan today: The language of new media, by Lev Manovich, and Postproduction, by Nicolas Bourriaud. I know that Manovich is a leading authority of new media, but I feel the book is a little dated now.(Pre- Social media).

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