Sunday, October 18, 2009


I got an arch shaped bit of glass off Richard. I will use this to paint on, and see what kind of effects occur. I took a few photos of the reflection, it was in some respects quite interesting.
I have stuck another piece of mirror to the original one, just to add to the visual confusion. Jim the caretaker said I can have two big pieces of mirror that are down in George's quay, fair play to him. Went to see Matt about hidden camera, but he was not there on the occasions I called. Even though there does not seem to be a lot going on in my studio space, I am working diligently, and am happy with my progress so far.
I have begun painting on one of my small canvi (a new word I invented for more than one canvas ! (like fungi)) for Tuesday; a thin layer of green; scraping marks into it, removing them, and so forth. Again, just raising questions in terms of 'post square' (a term Mark came up with).

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