Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Continued to clean up the mirrors. I experimented with the mirrors by arranging them in various positions; I was trying to create a visual confusion. Space was limited, so I have moved the mirrors into the workshop area, where I continued to experiment. In some sense, I partially achieved my goal, that is to say, I looked at a mirror at one stage, and felt a sense of disorientation. I will get more mirrors and continue with these experiments. One of my colleagues is ordering the carnival mirror for me tonight; I hope to have it within the next week to ten days. Went to multimedia room to edit my video; as usual, half the brand new computers are not working right (students can't log into them, and even if they could, they can only use the exact computer that their video work was originally edited on, it's like we have gone back to the 90's);it is the same fiasco as last term.

I am going to take off the white paint on the archglass, it is not appropriate for the painting I want to do on it. I scratched "All painters are sneaky" (we came to this conclusion in yesterday's seminar) I will scrape it off tomorrow. Repaired my diachronic installation; one bit broke. Added a bit more  colour to the shaped canvi.

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