Sunday, October 25, 2009

22/10/2009 Contd.

Brought in a 'disco' ball that I had, to experiment with the other mirrors I had. The sun was shining, so I positioned the ball to capture the light. It was an unusual effect; like 'stars' on the inside of the room.
I continued scraping off the paint from the archglass. It made for quite an interesting phenomenen, insofar as, that, which was once  a painting, now lies  on the floor; its' life in tatters, all the creative energies that were  expounded, now disregarded to the realms of oblivion; poor painting.

Whilst researching  other artists using mirrors in their work, I came across an interesting image of the artist Michelangelo Pisteletto at the venice biennale. It entailed him being in the throes of an installation piece. (See photo). In the reflection of the mirror, there were people can be seen  taking photos of him. What I have done, is taken a photo of the photo, in the reflection of a mirror; I suppose, again, raising questions about how we perceive things, and indeed, how easily we can be visually confused. Which one is 'real' if any?

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