Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Have decided to be a little more creative, in terms of the daily  re-arranging of my studio space. Stuck a chair and table to the wall; on the table, I have glued some items. Again, I suppose I am carrying on experimenting with visual confusion. Went down town and got some mirrors, and tried to get a bulb. Apparently, the kind I need is a mercury gas type one, and two shops did not have them. I will try the place out the childers road tomorrow; failing that, it is going to be a two week wait until they come in. As regards my mirror, the company that sells them is out of stock, so they have put some on order, I should have it within the next 2/3 weeks. Added a couple of more mirrors to the installation; it is getting more visually interesting, in terms of the visual confusion that I am aiming to create.

Photo taken in mirror view.

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