Thursday, October 1, 2009


I have decided to cover over one of the boards I had originally sprayed grey paint onto, with some of the metal repair tape. It is quite bright and in some respect reflective. I had planned to draw on this with a biro (I had done a small version in my sketch book, and found the effects quite interesting; the ink does not come out on to the tape, instead the biro 'digs' into the tape). I noticed that my own shadow had an effect on the board. I know this is probably something that I should have taken into consideration beforehand, but to be honest, it never dawned on me ! I then realised that it obviously has an effect on paintings too.(Again, this is probably something that I should have known; maybe I did and just forgot). This has lead me onto another process. I will get some mirror in the same shape as my boards to create a mirror image (in mirror). I suppose in terms or representation, I am in some sense questioning means of display, notions of viewing, aesthetic enigmas, ways of seeing, and even relational aesthetics. I propose to get a hall of mirrors, in my studio space, and even a magic mirror and videotape peoples interactions with these.
Another practice which I will be undertaking this year, will be the repositioning of  my studio space every day, and to take a photograph of the event. I will do this for a couple of different reasons, firstly, to change the energy in the space, IE, not to get too comfortable with the familiar, in an attempt to keep the creative forces flowing. Also it seems to bring a 'newness' to workspace, and indeed a sense of freshness to the work.As a point of interest, Mark has noticed that I have changed my space a couple of times, he is a visually, very aware person

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