Thursday, November 5, 2009


Peter Morgan was passing and stopped for a chat, which actually turned into a good tutorial. He has suggested that the photographs which I had taken of my work; studio space, installation and so forth, could actually be used as resource for paintings. I have to say that it was not my intention to go down this route, (I had planned to use the carnival mirror for this) however, Peter has given me some great advice as to how I could use the photographs, and it has tweaked my curiosity. Some of the artists he has suggested include:Calum Colvin, James Tyrell, Duane Michaels and Wolfgang Tilmans. Peter has asked if I would put some of my photos on disk, and give a talk about them to 2nd year students. I have agreed to this, although I am a little apprehensive about talking about the work to strangers, nevertheless, I expect it will be a good learning curve; good practice for public speaking.
I have scanned the Lev Manovich book "The language of new media," and whilst it is a useful reference, I am not convinced of the appropriateness of the content to my thesis.

The ladder which I had been using whilst hoisting up the table and chair in my studio space, has now become a part of the work. I have   staged a photograph with the ladder in it, again, trying to come up with ways of creating visual illusionism. I realize that with the software available, it would be very easy to do, however, there is something rather satisfying, in becoming physically immersive in the work, rather than just sitting at a computer. With another reference to the way artworks are displayed, I have hung a small canvas from the ladder; it hangs unassumingly in a little world of its own, (Like Duchamp's shovel) not quite sure of its place in the universe; I suspect that  if it had its own way, it would materialize itself bigger, and hang itself proudly on a white wall, in some minimalist white cube setting.

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