Sunday, November 8, 2009


I'll tell you how confusing the installation is getting; I have to look around each time I go in, to actually see what I have done ! LOL.
I have spoken with my 'contact' in the glass business, and he is prepared to donate mirror for my work. I have to approach a security firm now, to see about cctv.Nigel said this could be problematic, as there was another student a couple of years ago, who had problems in this area, we'll have to see what transpires, however, I am confident that I can obtain it without any problems. Added a bit more to the installation. On reflection, I will upload the photos of my studio space; after all , it is part of my actual work.

Went to the Burren College of Art on Friday, they had an open day for post graduate students. It was an absolutely wonderful place; small, intimate, friendly. The standard appeared very high, which I suppose is obviously understandable.

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