Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I had a progress review today, and I must say it went very well; I have gained a clearer understanding, of the specifics I need to consider within my work, in order to give the work a better sense of clarity, coherence, appropriateness, focus, communication, and so forth. In short, I need to delve my 'angle'. Having said that, I was under the impression (perhaps wrongly) that the first half of the term was meant to be, in some sense, experimental; fun, enjoyable, explorative. I had not realized that we were meant to be so specifically focussed at this stage. Nevertheless, constructive criticism is always well appreciated, and I can well understand the tutors concerns. If I was to be perfectly honest, I had indeed realized that the work was fragmentary, and disjointed; I was going to see where it would take me. It is clear now, that I have to take control of the work (as it were) and lead it. Still, this has ignited a strong sense of urgency in me now, to bring this coherence to the work. My daily arranging of the studio space will be no more (it was becoming banal; the health and safety restrictions within my studio space, limited me, in terms of artistic self expression). My collaboration with Mathilde can only continue, if it is appropriate to my own work. I was never happy with the term 'visual confusion' that I related to the mirror work, and Mark has verified this, by explaining that it is an inappropriate term to use. In conclusion, I am well aware of the necessary steps, that I now have to take, in order to realize the full potential of the work.
One of the graphic lads wants to use my installation to do a fashion shoot, he reckoned the place feels unnerving; as though someone is watching you. Maurice also used the space today; interactivity on two counts today.... yeaaah!!!

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