Monday, November 16, 2009


Even though I had a notice inked in red pen, asking people not to touch my diachronic installation, yet another person has taken it upon themselves to interfere with the work. It is essentially ruined now; the culprit this time apologized fair enough. "I'll get you another piece of paper" she said. Two months work down the drain. Another guy a couple of weeks ago, decided that he would use my space to hang his work up !!!  He left two big dirty footprints on my work. It never ceases to amaze me, how inconsiderate and selfish some people are; I know that I would never have interfered with anyone else's work, never mid a 4th years', in fact, I even would refrain from walking through their studios, in case I disturbed them. The only way I think it may be salvageable, is by coming up with some way of including the damage as part of the work.
Maurice used the mirror installation again for part of his work; I got some more photos of him in the process, the ones where the flash is visible, looks interesting.

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