Monday, December 21, 2009


Added some more pieces to the ceiling piece. Went to homebase to get some drawing pins, glass etch (to see what kind of effects I can get on mirror), also had to buy some white gloss paint, to paint the floor white in my studio space. I want to give the space a feeling of surreality, or to, as it were, 'play' with peoples spatial awareness, on some different level of consciousness, I believe I can achieve this by painting the installation completely white; so ultimately, the space will be a kind of ethereal experience.


Friday, December 18, 2009


Have started hanging another work from the ceiling; it is pieces of broken mirror; some smaller pieces placed in front of bigger pieces. It is aesthetically interesting, although, it perhaps needs a slight 'breeze' to give the piece some movement, which ultimately will bring the illusionism which I am trying to create. Not just illusionism, but I am trying to make work,that makes people sit up and ask questions, not just cast a quick glance over. I want to challenge peoples sense of perception; perhaps even make them ask the question: am I really here? A colleague came into my space today had a look around, and said: " It's like coming in to some kind of parallel universe here" Now that's the kind of thing I'm talking about !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Stuck some broken pieces to the wall, and made a mirror image of the pieces; and stuck the adjacent to broken pieces. It once again has this element of illusion, and also concinnity. This piece will be a triptych; the second one made out of the original forms as the first, but this time in the carnival mirror, the third, I have 'drawn' the same forms; I plan to use paint to give the illusion of mirror.




Got an old mac computer and placed a mirror behind it, also attached a mirror to the front of it; again, causing an element of visual illusion. I am in two minds as to whether to get a piece of mirror to fit the screen exactly or not; I plan to scrape out a section of the mirror backing, so as to enable me to play a video piece on the screen too. In the meantime, I have cut out a piece of the carnival mirror to experiment, as to the effects this might have. An unexpected phenomenon happened; I accidently scraped the screen with my fingernail, and it took away a line of the silver, so I took out several line to see what kind of effect I could get.It was quite effective.

Monday, December 14, 2009


Worked furiously in the studio today, the ideas are filling my mind to bursting point ! Probably will not be able to realise all the ideas for this assessment, however, have much material to work with for a while to come yet. Basically just adding to the installation; working on the layout etc. Although I am using 'nice square' shapes for most of the installation, I am also using a fair amount of irregular shapes; even some broken type forms. I believe this adds even more tension to piece, than what it is already there.



Friday, December 11, 2009


I was going to download the footage from video piece, straight from the video camera onto my computer, unfortunately, the firewall cable they use in the college does not fit my computer, so had to use the multimedia room macs. The downside to this, is that we can only use the computer that it is downloaded to; this is not really agreeable, as there are so many students using the multi media macs these days. Have copied the footage onto my memory stick; then hope to copy to my computer that way, although, Nigel reckons that this is not a good practice, and could lead to a reduction in quality. Katriona saw a bit of the footage as she was passing, and commented that she like it; which was promising, as she has a good understanding of video work. I believe it will be a very good piece when it is edited. Attended another meeting of the open drawing awards show; it was basically just tying up the loose ends, in terms of the brochure and invites etc; we also have a web page, which will be used for archival purposes.


I took some footage of my installation to make a video work. I have to say, it has worked out far better than what I had anticipated. My mercury vapour bulb was not a success; it was very bright ok, but the light was too difuse to be effective. Richard Slade suggested that I try the light from the slide projector, which I did, and it was perfect for the job.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


As a point of interest; 2  anagrams of thesis:   shites,  and  e shits.  Glad that effin chapter is out of the way. Bah humbug !!! 

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I spent the morning writing for the thesis; a chapter is due tomorrow. We had a critique in the afternoon; two of my colleagues had to talk about their work. it was very interesting, in terms of putting the meaning behind the paintings; I suppose we can all be a bit guilty of pre judging other peoples work, without actually knowing their concepts. Even though we are in a visual discipline, sometimes words need to be used, to give the work a new perspective.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Aine has mentioned that it wil be next week before she sees Mike fitzpatrick about Georges' quay, and said I could continue to work in the workshop area, so basically spent the day re establishing the installation. I have added a couple of pieces to it; a couple of strips of the carnival mirror, in strategically placed positions; it was very effective, again, adding to the illusionism, or the questioning of ones spatial reality. I had to attend a committee meeting of the drawing show; just about the ways in which we will generate advertising, and so forth.


Spent the day in library writing for thesis. In the evening, I went to an exhibition down in Thomas street; one of my classmates was partaking in it, also one of our tutors, Alan Keane, and also Richard Slade. It was an interesting exhibition, although I was not overly impressed with the exhibition space; it was too rough a finish, to be a white cube setting, at the same time, it was too good a finish, to be a rough and ready kind of place, if you know what I mean, in other words, it was neither one thing or the other, and I felt that in itself, detracted from the actual exhibition.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I am in limbo at the moment, in terms of studio work, so I spent the day researching different artists and theories, connected to my own work. I have a strong interest in the work of Anish Kapoor, and Felix Gonzalez Torres, both of which have used mirror in unique and interesting ways; in terms of 'anticipated perception' of the viewer. Their work distinguishes a responsibility, that ultimately lies with the viewer; a shift from the didactic, to the open ended. In some sense it could be described as a theatrical experience, where viewer is audience and player. The viewer is asked to contemplate the work, or perhaps it could be said that the work itself, makes the viewer work, or piece together the work (interaction). It raises questions of the nature of self perception.


No word about the studio space in Georges quay. I spent the morning doing some writing for the thesis. P.M. We had a seminar about exhibitions; it was mainly a historical seminar, nevertheless, it was very interesting.