Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Had a tutorial with Mark this morning. As usual, he has given me some good advice as to what areas need addressing in the work. As each tutorial goes bye I gain a clearer understanding of the dynamics involved in contemporary art practice. Although a closet pragmatist; I realise now that in terms of the course specifics, this kind of approach in not really appropriate.
How can my work add to the discourse in contemporary art practice, if there is not a clear and concise ideology behind it ? I know that my work in essence raises questions about the notions of reality, perception, time, space and cognition, but the work articulated in these terms is in some sense too general/incoherent. My challenge then is to delve into the SPECIFIC ! With this in mind, I have pondered the possibilities within the work, and have come to the conclusion that the actual focus of the work seems to be leaning in the direction of cultural reality, and more specifically Limerick's cultural reality. One video work which I will be working on over the week end, involves the use of a shotgun, and it was only recently I heard on the news that Limerick has the highest incidents of shootings in Ireland; is this not the shattered reality of which the work speaks of ?...........Eureka !

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