Thursday, March 25, 2010


Went straight down to Georges Quay to begin work. Added another layer of paint to the 'bullett'; also added some "blood grass", I suppose it is loosely based on the term fields of blood. I had some lead strips which I used to create a "Prison bars" effect; again a reference to the non-liberation that the use of the bullett actually causes; keeping the users in their own pseudo-reality.
As said before, we are all well aware of this aspect of our cultural reality which has insidiously come into our lives (Murder, Death, Kill) in modern day Ireland, and while we all bare our disgust and contempt for the perpetrators of these heinous acts, these acts for the most part are subsumed to the nether regions of our collective consciousness; it is soon swept under the proverbial carpet, and life goes on as usual. As a respose to this I have obtained some more empty shotgun cartridges and have begun painting them 'nice happy colours'; to put a gloss on them, to put them under the carpet of paint.
Carried on editing video work.

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