Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Matt Gidney gave me a couple of handy tips on the premiere pro audio which will come in very handy. (It's never a waste of a day when we learn something !) Basically spent the morning editing the busker video; have also started burning video work to discs for the progress review on Wednesday.
P.M. Art in the making. We are going to do this for sure now; the wheels have been set in motion for this project; it should be a good experience.
We went down to the EVA exhibition for a seminar with Mark, on Thomas Street Limerick; it was a most worthwhile visit, plenty of discussion and comments on the various works. It was an excellent exhibition; even Mark commented that it was the best one he'd seen for a long time. The space lent itself admirably to the show, which was probably a big help. The curator did an excellent job in the arrangement of the art works.

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