Friday, May 7, 2010


carried on cleaning the mirror pieces. Had a talk with the graphics student (Paul Rice) about doing the posters; he seems enthusiastic about doing them. Evelyn Glynn called up to give me her images and blurb for next weeks poster for "Art in the Making LSAD". We had a meeting to organise the stuff for Faber studio session on Sunday (Having another meeting tomorrow). Totally forgot to pick up video recorder from Matt at lunch time; left him a note to say that I would call back later on in the afternoon, and then completely forgot to do that as well! Had meeting for degree show catalogue etc; it seems I'm attending a lot of meetings these times, LOL. Did not hear back from the other company I approached about sponsoring me some materials. Wrote to North Tipperary Arts officer inviting her to the degree show; it transpires that she is on maternity leave until September. I invited her secretary then, but she is on holidays that week, never mind.

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