Tuesday, March 19, 2013



Declaration of Copyright Trademark.
I am known by the name: ©Richard Joseph: Williams, Creditor, Trustee, Secure Party, Author of the Copyright Name Trademark Claim autograph(s) RICHARD JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, Richard Williams™, Richard Joseph Williams™, Richard JOSEPH Williams™, Richard J Williams™, Richard J. Williams™, Mr. Richard Williams™, Mr. Richard Joseph Williams™, Mr. Richard JOSEPH Williams™, Mr. Richard J Williams™, Mr. Richard J. Williams™, Mr. R. Joseph Williams™, Mr. R. JOSEPH Williams™, Mr. R Joseph Williams™, Mr. R JOSEPH Williams™, Mr Richard Williams™, Mr Richard Joseph Williams™, Mr Richard JOSEPH Williams™, Mr Richard J Williams™, Mr Richard J. Williams™, Mr R. Joseph Williams™, Mr R. JOSEPH Williams™, Mr R Joseph Williams™, Mr R JOSEPH Williams™, MR. Richard Williams™, MR. Richard Joseph Williams™, MR. Richard JOSEPH Williams™, MR. Richard J Williams™, MR. Richard J. Williams™, MR. R. Joseph Williams™, MR. R. JOSEPH Williams™, MR. R Joseph Williams™, Mr. R JOSEPH Williams™, MR Richard Williams™, MR Richard Joseph Williams™, MR Richard JOSEPH Williams™, MR Richard J Williams™, MR Richard J. Williams™, MR R Joseph Williams™, MR R JOSEPH Williams™, MR R. Joseph Williams™, MR R. JOSEPH Williams™, Mr. Williams™, Mr. R. Williams™, Mr. R. J. Williams™, Mr. R J. Williams™, Mr. R. J Williams™, Mr Williams™, Mr R. Williams™, Mr R. J. Williams™, Mr R J. Williams™, Mr R. J Williams™, Mr R Williams™, Mr R J Williams™, MR. Williams™, MR. R. Williams™, MR. R. J. Williams™, MR. R J. Williams™, MR. R. J Williams™, MR Williams™, MR R. Williams™, MR R. J. Williams™, MR R J. Williams™, MR R. J Williams™, MR R Williams™, MR R J Williams™, R. Williams™, R Williams™, R. J. Williams™, R. J Williams™, R J. Williams™, R J Williams™, R. Joseph Williams™, R. JOSEPH Williams™, R Joseph Williams™, R JOSEPH Williams™, RICHARD WILLIAMS™, RICHARD JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, RICHARD Joseph WILLIAMS™, RICHARD J WILLIAMS™, RICHARD J. WILLIAMS™, MR. RICHARD WILLIAMS™, MR. RICHARD JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, MR. RICHARD Joseph WILLIAMS™, MR. RICHARD J WILLIAMS™, MR. RICHARD J. WILLIAMS™, MR. R. JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, MR. R. Joseph WILLIAMS™, MR. R JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, MR. R Joseph WILLIAMS™, MR RICHARD WILLIAMS™, MR RICHARD JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, MR RICHARD Joseph WILLIAMS ™, MR RICHARD J WILLIAMS™, MR RICHARD J. WILLIAMS™, MR R. JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, MR R JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, Mr. RICHARD WILLIAMS™, Mr. RICHARD JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, Mr. RICHARD Joseph WILLIAMS™, Mr. RICHARD J WILLIAMS™, Mr. RICHARD J. WILLIAMS™, Mr. R. JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, Mr. R. Joseph WILLIAMS™, Mr. R JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, Mr. R Joseph Williams™, Mr RICHARD WILLIAMS™, Mr RICHARD JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, Mr RICHARD Joseph WILLIAMS™, Mr RICHARD J WILLIAMS™, Mr RICHARD J. WILLIAMS™, Mr R. JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, Mr R. Joseph WILLIAMS™, Mr R JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, Mr R Joseph WILLIAMS ™, MR. WILLIAMS™, MR. R. WILLIAMS™, MR. R. J. WILLIAMS™, MR. R J. WILLIAMS™, MR. R. J WILLIAMS™, MR R WILLIAMS™, MR R J WILLIAMS™, Mr. WILLIAMS™, Mr. R. WILLIAMS™, Mr. R. J. WILLIAMS™, Mr. R J. WILLIAMS™, Mr. R. J WILLIAMS™, Mr R WILLIAMS™, Mr R J WILLIAMS™, R. WILLIAMS™, R WILLIAMS™, R. J. WILLIAMS™, R. J WILLIAMS™, R J. WILLIAMS™, R J WILLIAMS™, R. JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, R. Joseph Williams™, R JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, R Joseph WILLIAMS™, Richard WILLIAMS™, Richard Joseph WILLIAMS ™, Richard J WILLIAMS ™, Richard J. WILLIAMS ™, Mr. Richard WILLIAMS ™, Mr. Richard Joseph ™, Mr. WILLIAMS Richard J Williams™, Mr. Richard J. Williams™, Mr. R. Joseph Williams™, Mr. R Joseph WILLIAMS ™, Mr Richard WILLIAMS ™,
Mr Richard Joseph WILLIAMS ™, Mr Richard J WILLIAMS ™, Mr Richard J. WILLIAMS ™, Mr R. Joseph WILLIAMS ™, Mr R Joseph WILLIAMS ™, MR. Richard WILLIAMS ™, MR. Richard Joseph WILLIAMS™, MR. Richard J WILLIAMS ™, MR. Richard J. WILLIAMS ™, MR. R. Joseph WILLIAMS ™, MR. R Joseph WILLIAMS™, MR Richard WILLIAMS ™, MR Richard Joseph WILLIAMS ™, MR Richard J WILLIAMS ™, MR Richard J. WILLIAMS ™, MR R Joseph WILLIAMS™, MR R. Joseph WILLIAMS ™ R. JOSEPH Williams™, RICHARD Williams™, RICHARD JOSEPH Williams™, RICHARD J Williams™, RICHARD J. Williams™, MR. RICHARD Williams™, MR. RICHARD JOSEPH Williams ™, MR. RICHARD J Williams ™, MR. RICHARD J. Williams ™, MR. R. JOSEPH Williams ™, MR. R JOSEPH Williams™, MR RICHARD Williams ™, MR RICHARD JOSEPH Williams ™, MR RICHARD J Williams ™, MR RICHARD J. Williams ™, MR R. JOSEPH Williams™, MR R JOSEPH Williams ™, Mr. RICHARD Williams ™, Mr. RICHARD JOSEPH Williams ™, Mr. RICHARD J Williams ™, Mr. RICHARD J. Williams ™, Mr. R. JOSEPH Williams ™, Mr. R JOSEPH Williams ™, Mr RICHARD Williams ™, Mr RICHARD JOSEPH Williams ™, Mr RICHARD J Williams ™, Mr RICHARD J. Williams ™, Mr R. JOSEPH Williams, ™ Mr R JOSEPH Williams ™, R. JOSEPH Williams ™, R JOSEPH Williams ™, (or any derivatives thereof), HEREBY ATTEST THAT, I am competent and capable of handling my private and commercial affairs in my full capacity as Agent for the RICHARD JOSEPH WILLIAMS™(or any derivatives thereof), and will enforce with prejudice any Copyright Name Trademark Claim infringements. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. WITHOUT PREJUDICE.

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