Thursday, February 12, 2009


My Simon Starling piece was unveiled today, it was still a bit tacky so have left it to dry for another while. According to Pat, we can clean it up with some acetone. I presume we can cut off the top bit where we poured the resin in, and give it a bit of a sand. Alan has suggested that I contact Simon Starling and have a chat to him about the whole concept, I hope to make contact at a later stage. (I hope he doesn't sue me !) Richard Slade has heard of my interest in Steve Reich, and has burned off some of Reich's stuff onto a CD for me, which he had on the computer, that was very decent of him I must say. I feel very confident that I will be using sound work in my studio practice. It never ceases to amaze me; the intricacies and interconnections that happen in our lives, that causes the realisations of our dreams. From listening to a radio, to a conversation with a tutor, a whole new dimension in my art practice and indeed my life, has been opened, as a friend used to say "ceases will never wonder " !!!
Transferred the footage I took in Berlin to digital today, it took ages as there were over 150 clips. To be on the safe side, I also saved the clips to my memory stick which also took an age. I was disappointed with the nightclub footage as it was very dark, I mentioned this to Matt who said that he once saw some filming in a nightclub, and that the lighting was staged very bright for this purpose. The footage I took for my own practice looks very promising, I hope to produce a number of works from this, including paintings, drawings and of course video work. I had a very interesting conversation with Mathilde today, again more wondrous coincidences! it transpires that she is an avid fan of Steve Reich too !!! We spoke of the vibrational frequencies in humans, paintings (colour) and sound too, we seem to share unusual/alternative thought processes, perhaps we could collaborate on some projects, I will put this to her tomorrow.

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