Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Had a tutorial with David Brancaleone today, regarding the final year options, he gave me some very good advice, which was much appreciated. He reiterated again that it was indeed 'options' and advised me to research the requirements for possible masters placings. The proposal is due tomorrow but I am just not ready, it's as simple as that. I am not going to rush into it just for the sake of getting it done. I am going to consider my options over the next few days, as to what exactly to investigate/research. One of my colleagues was going to throw away an advertising board that she was using in her experiments. (This is the second one I have got off her). The thought occurred to me that she took her experiments as far as she could/needed but now,I will take this work as far as I can (to a certain degree of satisfaction), then I am going to pass it on to my colleagues one at a time,and ask them to add their own unique work to it. When everyone has finished, I will present the work for assessment at the required time. This I will do with a sense of trepidation, as I am going to call it my own work. My reason for this is I suppose to raise questions about artistic rights, ownership, (like the Starling egg but slightly different insofar as I hope to actually ask for for artistic cooperation, and hopefully get it) etc,etc,etc. Technically I know I could call it a collaboration but then it could be argued that artists like Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst etc in a sense collaborate with other artists, yet call it their own work. I am hoping to do a few works like this, I hope my colleagues don't think I am being mean, after all it is just an experiment of sorts. I listened to the CD that Richard got for me (Max Richter) it was excellent, and another good source of reference for my work, he got another one for me this evening by Morton Feldman, which is a bit more obscure , however it is exactly the kind of thing that myself and Mathilde hope to be creating in our own way,Richard joked that he'll have to start charging me from now on ! In fairness though it is very decent of him to help me .

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