Sunday, March 22, 2009


Handed in literary review, glad to have that out of the way. Started making the mould for the other resin eggs. I am going to encase jigsaw pieces into the eggs and hang them from a device(for assessment purposes). What is my concept? I suppose I got the idea after the starling egg. The thought occurred to me to do a series of these, what I plan to do is bury the eggs with the jigsaw pieces inside them. The eggs should last for many hundreds if not thousands(I'll have to research this) of years, when ultimately discovered, the puzzle itself will be an enigma of sorts, for further generations to unravel the mystery of. I will leave clues in my art work over the coming years so as to guide researchers to the location of the 'eggsaw' which I have now named it. I will naturally document all of this, and even make a video art piece about burial.I will obviously have to bury them in a not too obscure location)
The starling egg, despite my best efforts can not be buffed up to a high shine.(When the egg was, as I thought dry, I put it in to my pocket, as it was still a little tacky it gathered fluff and dust from my pocket, and it got embedded into the resin.)Des Farrell has suggested to me that because of this, I perhaps should concentrate on the display of the egg, IE go over the top (so to speak) on the presentation of it. I think it is a good idea, he has given me some good advice on things to try. I have got different materials off him to begin experimenting on ways I could achieve an excellent presentation.

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