Monday, March 30, 2009


Seminar this morning (presentations),Was impressed with artist Jenny Holzer (truisms), she was against advertising, yet her own work is an advertisement of her work (if that makes sense on any kind of level!!!) Also liked her Lustmord exhibition (blood writing) Bosnia) . A couple of other artists I was impressed with were: Vito Acconci. Very clever video work (girl rubbing his leg) also biting himself as a way of branding. Chris Burden was another artist of note, he nailed himself to a beetle.Also he got a friend to shoot him in the arm, now that's what I call suffering for your art !Illy Kabakov was another good one (frames the mundane).Paula Rego; (scary fairy tales) Joseph Cornell; collects bits and pieces from shops etc,(New York) Nick Cave; found objects, makes nto suits.Ann Hamilton; body as art.On Kawara; sends postcards etc. Sent off deposit for Berlin today, some of the lads are very enthusiastic and have already started making steps to raise funds, fair play to them. Wrote e mails to Berlin Gallery, went down town to post off cheque.Had meeting about Berlin. Sent e mail to Sean Lynch, got a reply, will put it up on blog tomorrow.My eggsaws turned out OK, did not get down in time to do another batch, will do some tomorrow p g.

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