Sunday, May 30, 2010


Saturday again; had to go in to get some more work done, time is ticking away so fast. I hammered in some 3x2 timbers (had to use adhesive as well as the walls did not take the nails very well) around the edge of the space; in readiness for the 'ceiling'(which is black builders polythene, 1000 gauge; to block out the light for showing the video). It was too big to put up in one piece, so I cut it into manageable strips. One thing that I had not taken into consideration was that over a long span (5m), the plastic sagged in the middle. I will have to remedy this on Monday by constructing a 'lattice' framework on which to place the polythene. Bought some undercoat for the radiator, as their is some oil paint on it which keeps seeping through the emulsion.

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