Wednesday, April 1, 2009


CCS tutorial went well; some grammatical advice and some suggestions as to what kind of approach to take,on the whole very positive. Prepared 5 more eggsaws this afternoon. Good buzz about Berlin now, the lads taking their jobs seriously, it feels like more of a group thing now, now that everyone is contributing, I'm confident that it will be a great success.

Reply from Sean Lynch (Re:Starling egg)

Hi Richard Thanks for your mail. I cant speak for Simon I'm afraid, you have to speak to him about it all if you want, but all sounds interesting to me. As far as I remember Michael Riedel did a somewhat similar but really over the top set up of Simon in Frankfurt a few years ago, I am sure you can research it, it got a big spiel in Artforum. I look forward to seeing the piece, As far as I know the tree branch you spoke about was in a show in the new kunsthalle in Berlin. I am sure it is researchable too. In any case, I wouldnt worry about what other people think of the gesture, once it makes sense in your own head is the most important thing. I made a kind of similar project on Richard Long a few years ago and didnt bother trying to explain it to him. I am in Limerick April 20 teaching if you want to meet up for a coffee that day call me on 0874138791. Bring the twig! Sincere Wishes Sean

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